Defrosting the freezer

This truly was the beginning of the demise of or flat. We returned after easter to find that one of the freezers had completely frosted over to the point where we couldn’t get the draws out, and consequently we also couldn’t get the food out of the draws. We couldn’t unplug it as it was a fridge freezer and honestly we needed it to continue to keep the food cold.  We needed a solution and between the three of us the best one we could come up with was this. Before you judge us okay it actually worked really well.

You would be correct in thinking that we are using a hairdryer.

You would also be correct in thinking that this worked really well.

And, you would be correct in thinking that this is the best thing we have ever done.

“If it looks stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid” -Max Richardson

~Just Another University Student


Pyjama Party

What better way to kick start the final term then with a house party? They are of course my favourite social events because they don’t require a lot of effort on my behalf. This one required even less than that.

“This time I’ll make it a bit easier and more comfortable for you, no tight dresses or costumes needed cause the theme is PYJAMA PARTAAAYYYY.
Finally time for you all to show off those PJ’s!”

This is it. No house party that there ever has been or ever will be will even come close to these student levels. Though it’s not easy explaining to a taxi driver why you’re in your Pyjamas carrying alcohol…

“I work in my pajamas most of the time. No matter what you’re wearing, you can sound businesslike on the phone.”

~Just Another University Student

Happy Bintday

The time had come for our Max’s Birthday! A group of us joined together and organised a surprise birthday party at the local pub as a celebration. We filled the Pub with balloons and banners with a twist. None of them said the usual birthday messages they all said things about Max.

Here is Max with a poptart for every year he had been alive. 

It took ages to plan out we had to make sure everything was perfect. So he didn’t suspect anything we went along with his plans of organising a party for himself. We pitched in cleaning the whole flat and it is here we discovered the mysterious green stuff on the back of the microwave? Yeah… we don’t talk about it- if we don’t talk about it then it is not a problem


Then came the best part, we set a trap and went to set up.


And it was an amazing night there was cake, alcohol and good company what more could you want?

Happy Birthday Max!

We obviously brought a colin cake for the flat as tradition in the university birthdays and it is here when Max had a revelation.

“After all cake is just squishy bread”


“Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder”

~Just Another University Student

Home Decor

It was apparent to Max and myself that the flat was beginning to appear boring the more time we spent in there so we decided it was essential that we decorated immediately!  What better muse than our very own Thomas Robinson? Here is Thomas Robinson opening his own exhibition “In the Life of Tom”.



The exhibition was short lived as it was quite impractical but a masterpiece nonetheless.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

~Just Another University Student

Places on a map

No matter where you go in life the places you end up going will  be on the map for one reason or another. Liverpool is no exception. No I’m not talking about the beatles I am talking about this nothing less than spectacular view.

I will never not adore this view. I practically live here let’s not hide the truth it’s stunning no matter what time of day you go though I do love a good sunset. It is not hard to see why so many people fall in love with this city, myself included. Liverpool will always be a special place to me.

“I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Ooo, I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Wastin’ time”

~Just Another University Student

Do you even taxi though?

Often at university, amongst all the stress of deadlines and coursework and exams we take our time as students to have some well deserved breaks and quality time spent with good friends. I know exactly what you are thinking… look at these students out drinking all the time. Well you would be wrong for thinking this my friends.

What do students like more than alcohol?


Being deprived of home cooked food and substituting it for 20p Lidl pasta and maybe some cheese which we aren’t even sure is in date anymore means that should the opportunity to venture out and grab something good to eat arises, we must take this offer seriously.

Now this was all wonderful until we ate too much and did  not fancy the trek back to campus so we did the next best thing and attempted to call a taxi. In Liverpool city centre there are only a few places one can go and order a taxi from, concert square being one of the main ones. So it was with great disbelief, when we ordered a taxi, did we receive the response “I’m sorry we do not know where that is”.

I am sorry but what? Concert square is an essential pick up places for taxi drivers in Liverpool. A driver knowing where it it is situated is like Mary-Kate knowing Ashley . It’s like Kanye knowing Jay-Z. It’s like me knowing how to play the flute. These things just go together. So to the taxi diving company all we have to say is…

“Do you even taxi though?”

~Just Another University Student




Moving to university really offers an opportunity like no other to expand your everyday vocabulary. This is mostly due to the fact you are faced with new people from other areas of the country who use words to articulate their opinions differently than the way you do. It is this diverse change in colloquial language, differing to each person you meet, that exposes you to a range of cultures you wouldn’t have before seen. It is this my friends that I became acquainted with the word Bint.

No I am not sure of the origin of  the word and no I am am still not entirely sure of the definition okay but one thing is certain. No matter the context, I will be using this word to talk about everyone. Everyone is a Bint.

The best thing so far about university has been debating word choices, its a conversation that always gets heated but always ends with a good laugh.

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world”

~Just Another University Student

Hope’s Got Talent

So you know when you are young and your school tells you that there will be a talent competition. Well our university did the same thing only the prize was £200 and a chance to play in local liverpool festival sound city. Maybe a little more worth it then the ones you did as a child where you might just win a gold star or a chocolate bar if you are lucky. Well I mean at least we all support one another.


It was so lovely to see everyone perform. Shout out to the band the LeftBacks from Ireland who won they performed as amazing as they always do. 

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which can not remain silent” 

~Just Another University Student 

This is going to be awfully British… Sorry

I have been ever so good and tried not to be too british with this one and well the time has come… Lets talk about the weather.

Okay but like seriously can we just appreciate that Liverpool is the strangest place I have ever had the pleasure to live. So Birmingham geographically is situated mainland, we are the point furthest inland and Liverpool is based right on the edge.

When it rains in Birmingham chances are wales already has taken the brunt of it, in Liverpool I experienced an actual halestorm.

In Birmingham we don’t really see the sun, in Liverpool we actually had summer.

But when it rains… It really rains


We decided to go to the shops, walked to the end of the road and turned back and thus here is the end result.

‘Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain’

~Just Another University Student




Being a music student we are tasked with a very diverse program to study and consequently get many coursework elements. One of which is composition- writing your own music. Of all the elements of music this is actually my least favourite. Why? You may ask. Well I just don’t like it any more than I like mushrooms, and I HATE mushrooms. You get the idea. Well this composition was important, if there was ever a time a composition I wrote had to be good it is this one. Oh why you may ask? Why on earth could this be any more significant than any other composition attempt there has been in life? Well…

This one was being played by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

That is a pretty big deal. The task was simple, compose a melody for the flute and a duet for the flute and cello. As a flautist the pressure was on to make something wonderful for my own instrument however this also helped because I already knew what the flute was capable of. So I shut myself into the computer room and wrote to my little hearts content and was moderately happy with the final product.

I turn up to the workshop really nervous because I am very much aware that the members of the Philharmonic Orchestra are about to play my piece. At the end I didn’t even recognise my piece it was incredible an experience I won’t be forgetting any time soon.



‘whether or not you write music well, write bravely’

~Just Another University Student